Our wheels are hand built using SAPIM spokes, either CX or CX-RAY spokes depending on the model, J-bend or straight. Our nipples are reversed inside the rim for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. Only our Gravel G30,5 wheel is built with external nipples to make maintenance easier for off-road enthusiasts. Most of our spokes are black, although some CORIMA wheels are built with silver spokes. Rear spoked wheels (non-carbon) have 20 carefully-positioned spokes.
The drive (cassette) side features 12 spokes in a 3-cross pattern, a tried and tested design that ensures a perfect transfer of the cyclist's power to the wheel. The left, non-drive side has 8 spokes cleverly placed around the rim. This setup allows us to optimize the distribution of the overall spoke tension. It also helps increase the efficiency of the wheel, provides excellent stiffness and contributes to the longevity of the spokes by keeping the wheel strong and true. This specific spoke layout also gives the wheel a modern and technical look.

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