What costs do I have to cover if I submit a warranty claim?


The CORIMA warranty only and exclusively covers products against manufacturing defects. Any damage, prejudice and, more generally, any direct or indirect consequence resulting from improper use or failure to follow the instructions for use, lack of maintenance or misuse of the product, is excluded from the scope of application. For your safetly and to avoid voiding the warranty, do not modify or tamper with your CORIMA wheel in any way (drilling, sanding, etc...).


To exercise the CORIMA commercial warranty, the customer must send the product to CORIMA for examination. The purchase invoice must be included with the product.

The company will then carry out an examination of the product. Depending on the results, the following options will be offered:

- If a manufacturing defect is found on the product, CORIMA will decide to either repair or replace the product or part of the product in question.
- In the absence of a manufacturing defect, CORIMA will offer to repair or replace the product at the customer’s expense.

The return of any product to the company for examination will be taken care of by the customer, including packaging quality, potential insurance and shipment costs.

The present commercial warranty applies regardless of the application of legal warranties, in particular the warranty for lack of conformity provided for in Articles L.211-1 et seq. of the Consumer Code and the warranty for hidden defects provided for in Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.

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